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A startpage is the first thing you should see when you open your browser or create a new tab. Most modern browsers spin up their own "homepage", Firefox presents you with the top sites you visit, a quick web search, and potentially some news updates.

Creating your own startpage has several advantages (as well as disadvantages) over using conventional homepages.

Why you should make your own

Startpages are great, they are completely yours and you control every aspect of them. From the colours of the links, to the pictures you want, and given a little more time and effort even things like custom news trackers/weather widgets/mini-games!



It's a great hobby to pick up, and who knows you might be like me and end up pivoting your entire career because of them!

We also have other guides available covering various topics.


Most people directed here will likely benefit from reading these first, they answer the most commonly asked questions:

How do I set my startpage to act as a new tab page?

We have guides for both Chrome and Firefox.

These two methods should remain unchanged for a while, but if your startpage randomly stops working at some point it may be due to an update. Most browsers tend to fight against these overrides.

Let us know if anything goes wrong.

Why are my styles not working in a way I'd expect them to?

Every browser ships it's own "default" stylesheet, these are the bare minimum styles required to make a page feel like an HTML website (not just plain-text).

You should make heavy use of the inspect element feature on your browser, this can usually be accessed by simply right clicking anywhere, and attempt to identify the styles that might be doing you wrong.

The most common styles people have trouble with:

There is a weird gap all around my page

Most browsers add a small 4-10px margin around the body of every website. You can remove it using:

body {
  margin: 0;

My padding/margins/widths feel off

Browsers render widths and heights of elements using specific methods, some of them can be weird. You can use the snippet below to unify the sizing a bit and make it behave in a more consistent way.

* {
  box-sizing: border-box;

You can find a more in-depth explanation of this on the css-tricks website

If you want you, you can also have a look at the default user agent styles that Firefox and Chrome ship with.

How do I horizontally/vertically align an element?

tl;dr: Read about it here